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Executive Members of the 7th GMCCA Council

April, 2015 – March, 2017

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Mr. Xuesong Guo
  • Secretary-General: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiwei Zou (April 2015 – November 2016)
  • Ms. Hongshi Chen (December 2016 – March 2017)

Directors of Committees:

  • Community Services: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Yang Qiao
  • Culture and Arts: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Jing Hao, Mr. Xiaoqiang Wang
  • Sports and Entertainments: Dr. Tao Tao, Dr. Zhikuan Liu
  • Education: Ms. Yukun Zhou, Ms. Libin Zhu
  • Newcomers Consultant Services: Mr. Yuan Lu,Mr. Yang Qiao
  • Communications: Mr. Mingkun Gu, Mr. Xuesong Guo

Executive Members of the 6th GMCCA Council

December, 2012 – March, 2015

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Mr. Xuesong Guo
  • Secretary-General: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiwei Zou
  • Directors of Committees:
  • Community Services: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Dr. Tao Tao
  • Culture and Arts: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Yuming Ye
  • Sports and Entertainments: Dr. Tao Tao,Dr. Zhikuan Liu
  • Education: Ms. Jing Teng, Dr. Alan Chan
  • Communications:Ms. Yukun Zhou, Mr. Mingkun Gu

Executive Members of the 5th GMCCA Council

December 5, 2010  – December 4, 2012

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Secretary-General: Mr. Tao Tao
  • Treasurer: Ms. Yan Wen, Ms. Weiwei Zou
  • Directors of Community Service Committee:  Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Alan Chan
  • Directors of Education: Ms. Jing Teng, Ms. Hong Liao
  • Directors of Arts and Entertainments: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Rigina Shen
  • Directors of Sport Committee: Mr. Zhikuan Liu, Mr. Limin Zhi

Executive Members of the 4th GMCCA Council

December, 2008 — December, 2010

  • President: Ms. Jing Teng (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly)
  • Vice President(s): Vacant (To be elected by the next GMCCA General Assembly)
  • Secretary-General: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Boarder Chairman: Dr. Yinzhong Bing
  • Treasurer: Ms. Yan Wen
  • Directors of Education: Ms. Yukun Zhou, Dr. Alan Chan
  • Director of Arts and Entertainments: Ms. Siti Yu
  • Directors of Sport Committee: Dr. Zhikuan Liu, Ms. Fangjie Zhang
  • Directors of Community Service Committee: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Guoqing Wu

Directors and Advisers of the 3rd Council of GMCCA

(January 1st – December 31st, 2007)

Council Directors:

  • President:Mr. Mingkun Gu (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Vice President:Mr. Mingxian Mao (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Vice President:Prof. Buquan Miao (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Secretary-General:Mr. Mingxian Mao 
  • Treasurer:Ms. Weiling Wang/Ms. Yan Wen 
  • Director of Development Planning Committee: Ms. Guihua Zhang 
  • Director of Community Service Committee:Mr. Chunyan Yang 
  • Director of Education and Chinese Student Affairs Committee: Ms. Jing Teng 
  • Directors of Sports and Arts Committee: Mr. Zhichao Xu/Ms. Siti Yu 
  • Directors of Communication Committee: Mr. Mingkun Gu/Prof. Buquan Miao 
Council Advisors:
  • Entertainment Activities Planning: Ms. Yuming Ye
  • General Association Affairs: Prof. Chungchi Wen 
  • Community Affairs and Services: Mr. Claude Coulombe  Dr. Alan Chan 
  • Legal Affairs: Ms. Carole Chan

Executive Members of the 2nd GMCCA Council

March 2005 – December 2006

  • President: Dr. Buqian Miao
  • Vice President: Dr. Chungchi Wen

Other Executive Members(September 2006 – December 2006

  • Secretary-General: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiling Wang
  • Directors of Community Services: Mr. Mingxian Mao, Dr. Yinzhong Bing
  • Director of Education & Culture: Dr. Chungchi Wen
  • Directors of Arts and Sports: Ms. Siti Yu, Mr. Zhichao Xu
  • Directors of Development & Fundraising: Dr. Yinzhong Bing, Mr. Mingxian Mao
  • Director of Communication: Dr. Buqian Miao

Executive Members of the 1st GMCCA Council

March 2004 – March 2005

  • President: Dr. Buqian Miao
  • Vice President: Dr. Chungchi Wen
  • Vice President: Mr. Deshuang Man

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