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1981 – 2003: The Moncton Chinese Friendship Association (MCFA)

The Moncton Chinese Friendship Association (MCFA) was established in August 1981 by several Chinese families, including Lam’s, Chan’s and Wen’s families etc. Mr. Tom Lam was the first president of MCFA. Among active executive members of MCFA were Tom Lam, Wayne Chan, Chungchi Wen, Leo Lam and Quinn Chan etc.

The Chinese community was very active in 1980s. MCFA participated in Moncton’s annual Santa Claus Parade in November 1981 with a float of Moncton Chinese Friendship Association and a colorful Chinese Lion. MCFA then held a big banquet to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Year of The Dog, at the MingGarden restaurant in 1982. Premier Richard Hatfield, MP Gary McCauley, Moncton Mayor Dennis Cochrane attended the party. Other activites included a few mandarin Chinese classes for children and adults, a Chinese art and culture exhibition held at the art gallery of the Universite de Moncton as well as a cooking class for the general public.

Executives of MCFA were also actively involved in other community organizations. Mr. Tom Lam was one of founders of the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA) which was established in March 1980 and elected as the president of MAGMA in 1982. He also was, representing MCFA, a member of the Commons Committee on Visible Minorities. Ms. Kitty Tsang and Ying Lam joined various heritages groups representing MCFA. Other executives were also joined various clubs, associations or groups representing MCFA.

Before it was reorganized and renamed as the Greater Moncton Chinese Cultural Association (GMCCA) in March 2004, MCFA was respectively chaired by, in sequence, Mr. Tom Lam, Prof. Chungchi Wen and Dr. John Li and had served the Chinese community in GMA for more than 20 years.

2003 – Now: The Greater Moncton Chinese Cultural Association (GMCCA)

As more and more Chinese immigrants, scholars, students and adoptive children from China arrived in GMA, the population of the Chinese community in this region grows fast since late 1990s. To better serve the whole Chinese community with different backgrounds and origins, executives of MCFA and representatives of Chinese newcomers formed a special preparation group in late 2003 to discuss the reorganization of MCFA and formation of the new GMCCA. Members of the preparation group included Buquan Miao, John Li, Chungchi Wen, Tom Lam, Zuoe Lam, Quinn Chan, Waileung Ying, Guihua Zhang, Tao Tao, Chunyan Yang, Deshuang Man, Zhikuan Liu and Mingkun Gu etc.

After several rounds of discussions on the reorganization and formation of the association, the preparation group worked out the drafts of constitutions and election procedures for GMCCA. A special general meeting was then called at Faculty of Engineering, the Universite de Moncton on March 27, 2004. The general meeting was open to all Chinese in GMA. The agenda for the meeting was firstly approved by the all attendants and then the constitutions and election procedures for the new association, GMCCA, were approved.

According to the newly approved constitutions, the president and vice president(s) of GMCCA should be elected on the general meeting of the association members while other executives of the association will be nominated by the elected president. Prof. Buquan Miao was elected as the president of GMCCA, Prof. Chungchi Wen and Mr. Deshuang Man elected as vice presidents of GMCCA. This general meeting completed the transition of the only Chinese association in GMA from MCFA to GMCCA.

Executive Members of the 8th GMCCA Council

April, 2017 – March, 2019

  • Honorary President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Acting President:  Dr. Ziwei Wang (September, 2017 – March, 2019)
  • Vice President:      Ms. Yan Xu
  • Secretary-General:   Ms. Yukun Zhou (Also appointed as Principal of the Chinese School)
  • Treasurer:                  Ms. Hongshi Chen

Directors of Committees:

  • Member Services: Ms. Jinhua Zhu,  Mr Huamin Cai,  Ms. Jun Yuan, Mr. Liangzu Song
  • Culture and Arts:  Ms. Qian Liang, Ms. Jiayi Zhao, Mr. Guodong Wu
  • Communications: Ms. Yingqi Ma, Ms. Ximei Zhang,  Ms. Yushan Sui, Mr. Weijian Zhang, Mr. Yuan Ren

Executive Members of the 7th GMCCA Council

April, 2015 – March, 2017

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Mr. Xuesong Guo
  • Secretary-General: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiwei Zou (April 2015 – November 2016)
  • Ms. Hongshi Chen (December 2016 – March 2017)

Directors of Committees:

  • Community Services: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Yang Qiao
  • Culture and Arts: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Jing Hao, Mr. Xiaoqiang Wang
  • Sports and Entertainments: Dr. Tao Tao, Dr. Zhikuan Liu
  • Education: Ms. Yukun Zhou, Ms. Libin Zhu
  • Newcomers Consultant Services: Mr. Yuan Lu,Mr. Yang Qiao
  • Communications: Mr. Mingkun Gu, Mr. Xuesong Guo

Executive Members of the 6th GMCCA Council

December, 2012 – March, 2015

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Mr. Xuesong Guo
  • Secretary-General: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiwei Zou
  • Directors of Committees:
  • Community Services: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Dr. Tao Tao
  • Culture and Arts: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Yuming Ye
  • Sports and Entertainments: Dr. Tao Tao,Dr. Zhikuan Liu
  • Education: Ms. Jing Teng, Dr. Alan Chan
  • Communications:Ms. Yukun Zhou, Mr. Mingkun Gu

Executive Members of the 5th GMCCA Council

December 5, 2010  – December 4, 2012

  • President: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Vice President: Ms. Yukun Zhou
  • Secretary-General: Mr. Tao Tao
  • Treasurer: Ms. Yan Wen, Ms. Weiwei Zou
  • Directors of Community Service Committee:  Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Alan Chan
  • Directors of Education: Ms. Jing Teng, Ms. Hong Liao
  • Directors of Arts and Entertainments: Ms. Siti Yu, Ms. Rigina Shen
  • Directors of Sport Committee: Mr. Zhikuan Liu, Mr. Limin Zhi

Executive Members of the 4th GMCCA Council

December, 2008 — December, 2010

  • President: Ms. Jing Teng (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly)
  • Vice President(s): Vacant (To be elected by the next GMCCA General Assembly)
  • Secretary-General: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Boarder Chairman: Dr. Yinzhong Bing
  • Treasurer: Ms. Yan Wen
  • Directors of Education: Ms. Yukun Zhou, Dr. Alan Chan
  • Director of Arts and Entertainments: Ms. Siti Yu
  • Directors of Sport Committee: Dr. Zhikuan Liu, Ms. Fangjie Zhang
  • Directors of Community Service Committee: Mr. Chunyan Yang, Mr. Guoqing Wu

Directors and Advisers of the 3rd Council of GMCCA

(January 1st – December 31st, 2007)

Council Directors:

  • President:Mr. Mingkun Gu (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Vice President:Mr. Mingxian Mao (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Vice President:Prof. Buquan Miao (Elected by the GMCCA General Assembly) 
  • Secretary-General:Mr. Mingxian Mao 
  • Treasurer:Ms. Weiling Wang/Ms. Yan Wen 
  • Director of Development Planning Committee: Ms. Guihua Zhang 
  • Director of Community Service Committee:Mr. Chunyan Yang 
  • Director of Education and Chinese Student Affairs Committee: Ms. Jing Teng 
  • Directors of Sports and Arts Committee: Mr. Zhichao Xu/Ms. Siti Yu 
  • Directors of Communication Committee: Mr. Mingkun Gu/Prof. Buquan Miao 
Council Advisors:
  • Entertainment Activities Planning: Ms. Yuming Ye
  • General Association Affairs: Prof. Chungchi Wen 
  • Community Affairs and Services: Mr. Claude Coulombe  Dr. Alan Chan 
  • Legal Affairs: Ms. Carole Chan

Executive Members of the 2nd GMCCA Council

March 2005 – December 2006

  • President: Dr. Buqian Miao
  • Vice President: Dr. Chungchi Wen

Other Executive Members(September 2006 – December 2006

  • Secretary-General: Mr. Mingkun Gu
  • Treasurer: Ms. Weiling Wang
  • Directors of Community Services: Mr. Mingxian Mao, Dr. Yinzhong Bing
  • Director of Education & Culture: Dr. Chungchi Wen
  • Directors of Arts and Sports: Ms. Siti Yu, Mr. Zhichao Xu
  • Directors of Development & Fundraising: Dr. Yinzhong Bing, Mr. Mingxian Mao
  • Director of Communication: Dr. Buqian Miao

Executive Members of the 1st GMCCA Council

March 2004 – March 2005

  • President: Dr. Buqian Miao
  • Vice President: Dr. Chungchi Wen
  • Vice President: Mr. Deshuang Man

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